Angelita Ashbacher

Graduate Student

Department of Ecology and Evolution                         Earth and Marine Science Building D336                   Santa Cruz, CA 95064                                                (831) 459-2533                                                   Personal website



B.S. Ecology, Behavior and Evolution, University of California San Diego

M.S. Biology, University of California San Diego                                                              Advisor: Elsa Cleland

Research Interests

I study plant-pollinator interactions in wildflower communities of California. I am currently developing a pollination network for the central coast and designing experiments to test impacts of shifting rainfall and increased temperatures on food reward quality and quantity for native species that are vital for maintaining the structure of diverse wildflower communities.

I am always looking for volunteers to help with fieldwork. If you are interested in learning about California wildflowers and the species that pollinate them all while gaining research experience, please send me an email.