CLEI/EART 81B – Fundamentals of Environmental Science

Addresses major issues in physical and biological environmental sciences and provides tools to critically evaluate, debate, and make informed choices regarding one’s own impact on the environment. Topics include: climate change, water resources, air pollution, evolution, ecology (from populations to ecosystems), and conservation. Quantitative problem solving is an integral part of this course


Bio 147/247 — Community Ecology

Develops the major themes of community biology: structure, trophic dynamics, succession, complex interactions among species, herbivory, evolution and coevolution. Uses case histories of well-studied marine and terrestrial systems.  Course website —>


Bio 200B — Advanced Organismal Biology

Consists of lectures focusing on pivotal topics in ecology and evolution. Relevant background material is developed followed by a critical analysis of readings from the primary literature. Designed to give graduate (and advanced undergraduate) students direct contact with the major areas of research that are currently at the forefront of organismal biology. (Formerly course 250A.)                                                      Course website —>